Job Requirements :

1. Adapt to work positions as soon as possible and master relevant product knowledge;

2, be practical, have the vibrancy of young people in modern cities, work actively, less complaints, and more learning ability;

3, noble morality, consciously abide by professional ethics, do not explain;

4. Develop your communication skills and maintain good communication with customers, colleagues and supervisors.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop foreign trade business through B2B platforms such as Alibaba, China Manufacturing, and exhibiting abroad, expand overseas markets, and develop and maintain foreign customers;

2. Liaison, negotiation and negotiation of export business;

3. Export order processing to ensure delivery according to customer requirements;

4. Participate in domestic and international trade fairs.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above.

2. Experience in international trade is preferred, and experience in the tire industry is preferred;

3, English level 6 or above (or equivalent), excellent English written and verbal communication skills; able to communicate directly with foreign customers.

4. Strong business negotiation and communication skills.

Working location: 6th Floor, Poly Center, Laoshan District


1. Fixed salary + commission + five insurance + holiday welfare + year-end reward + employee travel +.......

2. Working hours are 8 hours on weekdays, weekends are closed, and other holidays are carried out in accordance with national regulations.

3. The company provides free staff quarters.

4. The company provides a fair and just promotion platform and personal development space.