• 1、Tire Rim?

    1.before the tire is assembled , check carefully whether the rim type 1s consistent with the standard rim type on the side of the tire. are fitted with standard rim as far as possible, and can also be assembled with permitted rim.
    3.tyres that do not conform to or have deformed rims with deformed rim will cause early tire damage or tire explosi n and endanger personal safety.

    2、Inflatable Pressure?

    1.tire inflati n pressure must follow the standard, n t too low or to high
    2.the tire inflati n pressure exceeds the standard, and then discharged t standard pressure, this method is not appropriate.
    special reminder: the w tire pressure causes the decrease f the load
    capacity, which makes the tyre c rd broken easily, thus causing the risk of tire bl wout: the high tire pressure, the ss of tire cord strength and the risk of tire blowout.

  • 3、Load? the c rresponding tires according t the vehicle standard load
    2.low level tires sh uld n t bear high load. No pressure method should be used to increase the tire load.
    3.vehicle I ading should be evenly distributed to avoid imbalance
    special reminder: overload is extremely damaging to tires and 1s very unsafe. Unbalanced I ad on vehicle will cause seri us tire overl ading, which is also one of the important factors causing accidents

    4、 Speed?

    1. the speed of various tyres is matched with the corresponding vehicle speed and should be used acc rding to the vehicle standard speed range.
    special reminder: speeding the use of tires will accelerate the tread wear, resulting in rapid tire heating, strength drop,light tire tying, heavy tire burst

  • 5、Tire assembly?

    1.double tire and wheel rim ventilation holes are aligned the air gap is adjacent to 180 degrees. Under the static load, the spacing between twins is g「eater than 20mm.
    2.front wheel front beam is adjusted to standard value.
    3.using the Id inner tube, the outer circumference should not exceed 92% f the circumference in the tire, and the old inner tube has more than three recommended cuts.
    4.fastening bolts between rim, wheel rim and wheel drum fastening bolts. Be sure to tighten in place and tighten the b Its.
    particularly cularly reminded: the tires on the same axis are not the same specificati ns, structures, layers, and patterned tires will affect the comprehensive pe叫 rmance of the tires; the double tire spacing is too small, and the friction between the two tyres is easy to cause early damage to the tire ;
    wed to cause the bad directi n of the vehicle , the transverse slip f the tires and the serious wear f the tire, and the energy consumption f the vehicle. The increase of the outer circumference of the inner tube will cause the inner tube to be stretched inside the tyre, and the discount will result in blasting.

    6、Pre - driving of the new tire?

    1.After the new tire is assembled t the vehicle , it is necessary t carry out the driving, the automobile tire is less than 50km at the speed f time and runs 200km. By driving the new tire to adapt to the deformati n gradually, eliminate the stress of the manufacturing , reduce the heat generation and prol ng the service life f the tire.

  • 7、Others?

    1.rapid start, emergency braking, sharp turning, sharp impact, contact with corrosive oil, high temperature environment , etc. will result in early tire damage.
    2.tire sh uld pay attention to maintenance and regular transp sition, such as sharp objects into tyres,tire tread groove into the stone etc, must be promptly removed
    3.the tire should be stopped when worn to the position where the marking is limited